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Experiment 2

The wizards of 2L today made potions!  We used cornflour and 1 tablespoon of water to make a potion.  We tried to stir this potion but it was so difficult.  We described it as being hard, like concrete, solid, like a rock and thick.  Mrs Gray added some extra water (1/2 a cup to be precise) and then the potion was liquidy, runny, gooey, milky, smooth, yucky, like melted ice cream, soft and cold.  Harrison and Cooper’s mixture had some red food colouring added.  It almost looked like fake blood!!  Hee Hee Ha Ha!!!



Science Experiments

When 2L started doing lots of experiments today, we felt very excited.  Our first mixture was icing sugar and cocoa powder.  We put one tablespoon of each into a bowl and mixed.  Then we sifted this mixture into another bowl.  We discovered that this mixture is homogenenous.  That means it cannot be unmixed.  The second mixture was puffed rice and icing sugar.  When we sifted this mixture we could separate the puffed rice from the icing sugar.  This is called a hetergeneous mixture.  The last mixture was a tablespoon of each ingredient.  This mixture was also hetergeneneous because the puffed rice could be separated from the icing sugar and cocoa.  We had to co-operate, work in teams and take our turns.  Our next experiment is going to be a potion!   Stay tuned……….

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