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Book Character Dress Up Day

on 15/08/2014

What a fun day we’ve had today.  Miss Luke was ill but her cousin Ms Fizzle came to teach 2L.  Ms Fizzle is the well known character from “The Magic School Bus” series of books.  Poor Ms Fizzle though!  She was expecting a class of children to teach, but when they arrived, stars and planets!  There were ninjas, princesses, fairies, zombies, smurfs, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Harry Potter and Hermoine, Snow White, Spiderman, ladybugs, pirates, skeletons, footballers and soccer players, Where’s Wally and Alice in Wonderland.  We’ve had a very exciting day being characters from our favourite books and we love using our imaginations to listen to and create stories.

3 Responses to “Book Character Dress Up Day”

  1. Bern Gray says:

    Looking great today guys!…I would like to see Miss frizzle.

  2. Josh says:

    Hi Miss Luke,
    as you saw on friday it was dress up as your favourite book character day. I was Robin Hood and Alisha was wendy.

  3. Lucas says:

    Hello Miss Luke its Lucas from last year your whole site for the blog is REALLY good keep it up 2L.

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