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Our Insect Stories

Once upon a time there lived an ant.  His name was Caleb.  He was very thirsty.  He found a puddle.  He ran to it but even before he got there it was gone.  All the slugs had drunk the big puddle.  He found another puddle and drank it all and then the ant went home.  By Caleb


Once upon a time there lived a caterpillar and it was green with white spots.  She found some leaves.  She ate some then she went to a beautiful tree that she saw.  She made a chrysalis.  It took three weeks before she hatched.  She was a bright pink butterfly.  She fluttered away to find a boyfriend.  She found a boy but he didn’t like her.  She found another boy and he liked her.  They kissed.  Then she laid eggs.  The End  By Montaya

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My toy by Montaya


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