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The Lonely Spider

One beautiful spring day Mr Jake went to the shops to buy some flower seeds.  The flower seeds cost $20,13.  He planted them in his garden.  After three weeks the flowers turned into beautiful pansies.  Mr Jake didn’t know that a spider named Felix was under his pansies.  After two weeks the pansies went all droopy and Felix was sad because he wasn’t in his natural habitat. When Mr Jake saw his pansies all droopy he picked up the vase and chucked out all of the pansies with Felix.  When Felix landed he saw the most beautiful spider in his whole life.  Her name was Julie.  She said, “Why are you so sad?”

“Because I have lost my habitat and I have no home,” said Felix.

“Why don’t you come and live with me.  I have no home either.”

“Will you marry me?” said Felix.

“Of course I will marry you,” said Julie.  They kissed and spun a web together.

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My toy robot by Ruairi


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