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Mini Beast Visit

On Wednesday 21st August at 10 o’clock until 11 o’clock 2L went to the After School Care Building.  A man called Adam came.  He came because we are learning about plants and mini beasts in our backyard.  We saw stick insects, spiders, scorpians and snails.  We saw lots of mini beasts and we had fun.

My interesting creature that I chose to write about is snails.  Adam said that snails haven’t got girl and boy parts and I saw a snail moving.  I was impressed with Adam because he was not scared at all.  In case you didn’t know there are rain forest snails. The snail was slimy!  By Sidhya 2L

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Dress Up Day


Kayjen, Hayden, Caleb, Ashley, Keyanah and SidhyaOn Friday 23rd August the JSC held a fundraising activity to raise money for M.S. research.  The children came dressed as their favourite book characters and there were some beauties amongst them!  Jake as a magician.

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